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The house at 91 Wellington Road South, Stockport has seen a lot of changes. A glance at the neat frontage of Turners art and craft shop won't give you many clues about its strange history. It won't tell you, for example, that sixty years ago, it was a popular pub. It won't tell you, either, that a gifted artist once lived there who decorated the walls with colourful murals. The full story of 91 Wellington Road may now never be known, but recently, the walls of this old building have begun to give up their secrets. This website is an ongoing project to try to piece together the clues that may throw some light on the old house's surprising history. If you can help this process, why not leave a comment?


Journey into History "Name that Face" challenge

Maybe you remember the people in our photos? If you do, why not take the "Name that face" challenge?.


Turners Art Gallery

Turners has recently opened a gallery which will be hosting exhibitions showcasing local artists. For up to date information, see the Turners website.



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